At Rhapsody, we take a long-term approach with each employee, known as a Rhapsodian within the Company. Our employees are the cornerstone to our success and are treated as such, with personal management attention, and an ambition to aid in the enhancement of each one’s career and a very strong promotion from within policy. Rhapsodians are who makes this Company, and we strongly believe that without them there is no Rhapsody. We assimilate this thought into every action that is performed in the company. Rhapsodians are people who are committed to provide an exemplary service to our Customers with a ‘can do’ attitude and keeping themselves on the top of technological trends within their specialization. Rhapsody provides and nurtures an environment where Rhapsodians can reach his/her maximum potential.

Rhapsodians get the best Healthcare Benefits for themselves and their families. Most importantly Rhapsody commits a significant amount to their retirement plan, year after year that is unparallel in the industry. Funds contributed to the retirement plan are vested 100% instantly.

Rhapsodians are encouraged to pursue their dreams in education and technologies and are provided resources when appropriate.

If you feel that you have what is required to become a Rhapsodian, please send your credentials and background along with your resume to us by clicking here
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